Permanent Jewelry Training $999

Basic starter kit included to set you up for success for your first 10+ clients!

Through hands-on practice, you will gain the skills and confidence necessary to create stunning and unique pieces of jewelry that are sure to be treasured by your clients.

We will be discussing the various techniques and methods of creating Permanent Jewelry. We will be performing live demonstrations to help you understand how each of these methods work. 

Links will be provided on where to purchase supplies and chains.

Certificate and support will be available after training! 

  • high return on investment
  • live demonstrations
  • plenty of hands-on practice
  • list of vendors
  • discount code for supplies
  • flexibility in your schedule
  • anyone can get it
  • good add-on to your established business
  • become a certified permanent jeweler
  • it’s fun, quick, and easy! 

Dates are flexible. Email us for more info!